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Alps Electric Co., Ltd.  is a multinational corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, producing electronic devices, including switches, potentiometers, sensors, encoders and touchpads. The company was established in 1948 as Kataoka Electric Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Alps Electric Co., Ltd. in December 1964. As of June 22, 2012, the President is Toshihiro Kuriyama and Chairman is Masataka Kataoka. Alps is also well known for the Alpine brand of car audio. The Alps Electric Group has R&D, production and sales bases located in Japan and across the globe-in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea, and Greater China. Since its founding, Alps Electric has supplied around 40,000 types of electronic component to over 2,000 manufacturers of home appliances, mobile devices, automobiles and industrial equipment worldwide. Alps Group comprises 84 subsidiary companies, 25 through Alps Electric, 32 through Alpine Electronics and 27 through Alps Logistics.


  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Geomagnetic Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Resistive Position Sensors


  • Detector Switches
  • Slide Switches
  • Push Switches
  • Rotary Switches
  • Power Switches
  • Dual-in-line Package Type Switches
  • Automotive Selection


  • Rotary Potentiometers
  • Ring Type Potentiometers
  • Slide Potentiometers
  • Automotive Selection

Multi Control Devices

  • Potentiometer Type Multi Control Devices
  • Switch Type Multi Control Devices
  • Automotive Selection 

Magnetic Sheets LiqualloyTM 

Aspherical Glass Lens


  • Snap-in Type TACT SwitchTM
  • Surface Mount Type TACT SwitchTM
  • Radial Type TACT SwitchTM
  • Automotive Selection


  • Absolute Type Encoders
  • Incremental Type Encoders
  • Magnetic Type Encoders
  • Ring Type Encoders
  • Automotive Selection


  • For Memory Card Connectors
  • Combine Type Connectors

Communication Modules

  • Wireless-LAN Modules
  • Bluetooth(R) Modules


  • Tuner for Mobile Devices
  • Tuner for Automotive 

Power Inductors