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Lighting Digital Technology Co.,Ltd digital science and technology limited company is truly semiconductor company sales company, "truly international" (HK.0732) is a listed in Hongkong International Group, after 20 years of development, the group has formed a letter of consumer electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications communications and related supporting device four big advocate course of study.A letter with the provincial Development Engineering Center, research and development strength, has a number of patented technology products.Group has always relied on the pursuit of a perfect determination, including their own production of circuit boards, silicone keys, not broken shell and other key components of the strong technology and capital, has been all over the world to provide high quality consumer electronic products, to become the world&lqquot&s major calculator manufacturers, flat panel display suppliers, the letter TRULY brand fashion global, has become a famous brand.

  • 3D product
  • CCM
  • CTP
  • OLED
  • Mono Color
  • Area Color
  • Full Color
  • TN/STN/
  • Medium Size
  • Small Size