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LAPIS Semiconductor is focusing on development of unique LSI such as system LSI, logic LSI, and system memory using its original technologies in the areas of ultra-low power consumption and high speed and high voltage process. LAPIS Semiconductor will continue to promote marketing and developping products, especially focusing on the three fields of telecommunication, information appliance and automotive in the personal and mobile markets. LAPIS Semiconductor can also offer production solutions realizing high-value-added LSIs with its original high voltage CMOS process technology and its manufacturing service.

LAPIS Semiconductor will offer the competitive total silicon solutions under the recognition that all systems are integrated into silicon and software. LAPIS Semiconductor is taking numerous initiatives to conserve and improve the environment so that people and technology can co-exist and harmonize with nature. LAPIS Semiconductor have been trying to hand down a comfortable and sound environment and profitable assets to the future.

  • Communication LSI
  • Low Power Microcontroller
  • ARM-Based Microcontroller
  • Speech Synthesis LSI
  • Audio LSI for Portable Devices
  • Video LSI
  • Memory
  • DRAM
  • P2ROM™
  • FeRAM
  • Display Drivers
  • Battery Monitoring IC
  • Sensor