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Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited continue to work together as a company that globally supports environmentally friendly products for our customers based on our branding "shaping tomorrow with you". As that motto indicates, every member of the Fujitsu Group places great importance on our long-term partnerships with our customers.

Based on our device and manufacturing technologies accumulated over many years, we are increasing the value we add to our customers' products by expanding the range of device solutions in which our company is a leader, including leading-edge SoC development, wealth of IP, system verification from the early stages of development, and software support.

To continue to be a company that is the perfect partner for our customers and that our employees can be proud of, Fujitsu Semiconductor is constantly innovating to be a continuously profitable enterprise.

  • ASICs/Wafer Foundry Services
  • System Memory
  • FRAM
  • FCRAM™
  • GaN Power Devices
  • Embedded Software Inspirium
  • Packages
  • ASSPs (application-specific ICs)
  • Graphics Display Controllers
  • H.264 Transcoder
  • Interface Bridge SoC
  • Milbeaut® Image Processors
  • USB 3.0-SATA Bridge ICs
  • High Performance Data Converters
  • CHArge-mode Interleaved Sampler technology (CHAIS)
  • Multicore Processor (FR-V)